Sundays Project

HPIRC's Sundays Project focuses on a community approach to engage families for academic achievement. The community decides which educational issues to address and discovers and expands existing solutions to solve problems. Behavior and practice, rather than knowledge, are key to propel families towards educational success. This film was created by University of Hawaii graduate student Karla Filibeck, as a class project in Urban and Regional Planning. [Watch Video] Learn more >>

Ekakwikwi Jinen Emmaan - A Call To Arms

Being an immigrant in a new land is stressful. In some cases this stress can lead to an increase in domestic violence within the home. Unfortunately, children witnessing domestic violence in the home have been linked to two negative educational outcomes: poor adaptation to the academic environment, and lower school achievement.

Because of these facts HPIRC, is taking this opportunity to highlight the beautiful work of our colleagues in the Republic of the Marshall Islands with the hopes of helping Marshallese families in Hawaii and the United States understand the impact domestic violence has on the family, but especially the children. [Watch Video] Learn more >>

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